1. F800GS BMW Comfort Seat/Touratech seat wanted

    Hi All, first post here. Does anyone have a BMW comfort seat for sale or something similar? The standard seat is crushing my manhood and have had enough of it. I’m in Kent/London area. Many thanks!
  2. Chalky723

    Swap my Comfort Seat for Low one....

    Hi, As per the title, I have a Touratech comfort seat fitted on my F650, would like to swap it for a low one if anyone is up for it?? I'm in Cambridgeshire, but can travel/post as required.... Cheers, Damon
  3. Seat advice, Wunderlich or TT

    Hi. I would appreciate some advice before spending hard earned cash. I’m about to buy a comfort seat for my -14 adv. Which of these would have the closest semblance to a Corbin, considering design, and width? I have a Corbin on my old R 1100 GS and love it! Unfortunately they are shitty...
  4. 2015 LC TE Rear Seat Plate

    On my 2008 BMW R1200GS I replaced my rear seat with a seat plate and fixed a small Pelicase to it. On the new BMW R1200GS LC TE, everything is different. I would like to refit the Pelicase as I use it for my Autocom. Can anyone recommend a rear seat plate ?
  5. Xmoto or Xchallange seat

    Love my recently purchased Xmoto (still never seen another one) - however have a height issue. Feet just touching in stand up position - need a lower seat but they've stopped making them. Options 1) Does anyone have a low seat the want to sell? 2) Does anyone have a std seat that i can get...
  6. R1150GS seat height with Touratech Sports low seat

    I'd like to know what the R1150GS seat height is when the Touratech sports low seat is installed. Is there a two step mechanism like the stock seat? Thanks in advance!
  7. 800 over 1200?

    My old 1200GS has been poorly (speedo/ABS issue). BMW very kindly gave me a loan bike while they're working on my workhorse. A brand new 800GS, with 200 miles on the clock. And you know what? I love it. I was thinking of getting a newer bike - and I can very easily see myself getting one. For...
  8. Anyone have a seat.

    Hi all Just joined up got my first f650gs . So now I need a seat can any one help please. 2004 2 spark model if that makes any difference. Thanks all
  9. Seat foam bumps 2014 GSA

    Hi All I have several bumps appeared along the seams of both seats the rear seat was first to suffer and I placed a warranty claim for it. Just waiting for that one to arrive but now the front seat has developed the same condition with small bumps all along the seams on both sides. A Guy at...

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