1. Planning a trip and servicing

    We’re heading over to France and Germany at the beginning of July for the Garmisch Motorrad event, before I get home my bike will need a service, now it’s still under warranty but can I get a service gone in Germany and it won’t affect anything warranty wise as long as it’s a BMW Motorrad...
  2. Sanity Check - GSA Servicing

    Guys, a little/sanity check if you can? I purchased a used '09 GSA last year. Service book is as follows: 600 - August 2009 6,112 - June 2010 11,583 - July 2011 13,281 - September 2012 13,538 - June 2014 17,386 - Feb 2016 21,940 - October 2017 22,297 - November 2018 Current mileage...
  3. DaveDay

    Independent servicing in Essex??

    Hi guys, I have a 2016 R1200GS that will soon be out of warranty. Up until now I've been taking it to BMW for its servicing. I'm thinking of keeping the bike long term and would like to save money on servicing by taking it to an independent motorcycle service centre. Does anyone know of a...

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