1. Sena/TFT/Phone and connecting 4 riders

    Hi all, thanks for accepting into the forum. Yesterday I followed instructions for connecting my phone to the TFT and then connecting rider helmet (Sena 10c evo pro - new) and then the passenger (sena 20s evo - new) - had this strange thing that the comms between the two helmets came and went...
  2. gbags

    TFT Screen Problem

    I have a new 1200 GSA with the TFT screen and I have a problem. I’ve only ridden the bike three times and a F O great warning has flashed up on the screen, three times - every time I’ve been out. The warning says stop the bike. Turn the bike off. Get the bike to a dealer. The first time this...
  3. BMW Connectivity (TFT SScreen) to Navigator V

    Hi All, I took delivery of my new GSA with the TFT screen and BMW Motorrad Connectivity option yesterday - and I'm very pleased :D. The BMW connectivity allows me to pair my F5MC headset and my Samsung S7, but does seem to allow any other devices. Does this mean that I will have to pair my...

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