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  1. Panniers 2015 Triple Black

    I have a 2015 Triple Black with Vario Panniers. I use it on the road, regularly go away for a few days and sometimes more, I do like a bit of storage!! I want to upgrade the panniers to aluminium. I will go for black ones so the question is....which ones? I looked at the Touratech Zega Pro2...
  2. Finally joining the GS club, Triple Black ordered today!

    Been lurking on this site for years and today I cut my losses on the Explorer (2nd hand values have completely collapsed) and gone for a new GS. Should be here in time for the 16 reg so 6 or 7 weeks of waiting to go. Cant beat that new bike feeling :beerjug:
  3. Extra Black

    I know there are a lot of people on here that think the new triple black should look different from stock. Well I traded my Artic White 2014 plate GS in for a triple black and have made some changes to make it more the way I would like it, which may be more to some peoples taste ... or not. So I...
  4. kyojitsu

    New improved Biking with 30% extra enjoyment! Free!

    Morning! I'm full of the joys of winter. Back in the land of GS having picked my lovely 2012 Triple Black 800 on Saturday. I love it. Did I mention I love it? Owned a 1200GSA around 6 years ago, loved it too, had to sell due to finances - still miss that bike :blast Then went Honda and got...

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