vario topbox

  1. davedyer

    R1250GS - Do They Come From the Factory Ready to Take Top Box?

    I'm selling my Vario top box from my R1250GS to someone who is buying their GS later in the year. My own GS is going as a trade-in for a GSA, hence the reason I no longer need the Vario box. Do I need to take the Vario mounting plate off my bike to sell with the top box or do the 1250GSs come...
  2. Mick-B

    2006 Vario Topbox problem - self-detachment

    I know it's been covered before but, last Friday evening rush-hour, A12 Newbury Park (East London) flowing well at 40-50mph (but very busy) when I heard what sounded like a box tumbling, rapidly followed by the sound of metal sliding on tarmac, and much hooting of vehicle horns... The more...

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