1. Front high fender for an Xcountry

    Could anyone recognise which aftermarket high fender this is? Is it possible to install the Xchallenge high front fender to Xcountry? Does it need to install the Xchallenge headlight as well? Thank you.
  2. gxnotgs

    I said "I'll never have a BMW" liar!

    I took a BMW out years ago with dragon master and hated the thing. It was like someone had put a tractor engine in a bike frame!! But... Now I have a Xcountry. My new baby is so light to push about it's like a mountain bike that goes by itself. The only bike I have ever been able to push up...
  3. Xcountry excesive throttle play, cable length?

    Hi, This may seem simple but... I bought an '09 X which seemed to have excessive play at the twistgrip, that is the adjuster couldn't remove all the play!. I've checked the twist grip internals, not much to go wrong here (?), bought a new cable from BMW and it's exactly the same as that fitted...

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