¡ʎɐpoʇ pǝuǝddɐɥ ʇɐɥʍ ɐɹƃןoɯıʇ ʞsɐ

It pains me not to be able to post a pic of Timpo pside down in the river:(

This was the easy bit getting into the forest:)

I never see faces like these when we're on road bikes:).........probably just as well:p

JM, an old school TRF'er...probably the most knowledgable trail rider on the Welsh scene:clap with his protege, Timpo a close second:thumb

And so into the forest for whatever lay ahead. That's all the photos I have, the others should have some more:thumb
Cracking Pictures there, should fun tomorrow when we go the forest track for a change :D
A Grand Day Out

Tim looking like he is on for a 'clear' on the Pont Logal crossing....

Oh dear, not through the end flags, that will be a '5' then! :augie


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Mud, Glorous Mud!

Still smiling when I think of your legs up in the air as the bike nose-dived into the clag! Brilliant!

The old girl took some fettling to get started but finally fired up in a cloud of smoke..
( The Husaberg, not Tim! )

Great fun, and as Tim told me years ago, it's not an adventure until something goes wrong!

Fab day out and I think we were all knackered (and very muddy) when we got back to the vans. Big thankyou to John for navigating.

Cheers, Rick.


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Great fun, and as Tim told me years ago, it's not an adventure until something goes wrong!

Great innit, but doesn't feel like much fun at the time:D

Not ideal workshop conditions but some great teamwork got us going again:clap


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I'm going to run a ride during the Christmas holiday period..... any takers? :thumb2
It can be either pogo only or 650-1200........:nenau
What do you reckon Tim..... a 650 ride? If any good riders on boxers want to joiun they can.....?

Ok, it'll be great to get out on the bigger bikes I'll need to get the 640 road legal etc.

Anything this week?

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