A Borders / Galloway staycation - points of interest

Great work Peter :thumb
I look forward to using some of that information on my next trip across
Good info Peter and others, like a lot of us I usually end up heading west and north west, often thought of a few days in the borders so now I definitely will heed sooth with a few planned routes
Was down for a week, took the Mrs and the car but scouting future bike tours
Based ourselves in the village of St Boswells which is smack in the middle of all the larger borders towns and a good base, Buccleuch Arms is good for food and beer, as is Hunters Stables which is Italian Scottish and great food. Galashiels, Kelso, Melrose all within 5-10 miles and great bus services as well which was good for ales at lunchtime

Visited many borders towns and did some great walks along the river Tweed which it seems just about every town or village is set upon. Hadrians Wall forts are an hour away, also Berwick upon Tweed and Carlisle are a nice day out as well.

Thanks for the pointers Peter, spot on

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