A huge thank you

Totally awesome weekend Bill and, from my viewpoint, it was nice to see everyone enjoying your generous hospitality and not taking liberties with it. I couldn't have asked to spend a weekend away with a bunch of finer folk, with everyone chipping in to help the show along when required, and I hope you felt the same once we'd all left.

Cheers Buddy.:beerjug:
if carlsberg did weekends :D (insert name of favourite inebriate tipple here)

they wouldnt get close to this one :D

bill - a gentleman and a scholar - WOW sir

pete for the toffees - saves you eating them :D

att for being att

proff for being proff - here to many more ya old bugga :beerjug:

rory for putting the irish curse on me sat nav and findng every boreen between mow cop and the britannia stadium :D - even tho we told it not to :D and it was only 6 miies

tom for going slowly to wales and leading us into the nice cafe ps IT WASNT CORWEN :D

dan for the cheesy garlic nibbles round the campfire :clap

big ROFL at the pic of the tall people (anna richard and twizzle?!? - who posed for a pic with oirish tom :D

anyone with an 1100 who made me jealous they found a nice one and i didnt yet :D

thanks all
I think we need to invent a new word, thanks just doesn't seem to be enough.
But until then thanks Bill and everyone else (most have been mentioned above so won't duplicate/triplicate/quadruplicate etc etc etc)
Every year you seem to add a twist that makes it different to the last one, even if it follows the same format.

One thank you I must add, to Ash, thank you for keeping yer arse inside yer britch!!

Gutted I missed Rastus and Att's golden shower show though ;)
Our first GSER do this year...... not by choice..
Me and Barbara had a fantastic time, being as I can't drink at the moment. the time did not drag by.
Thank you to all you fecking Tossers.... look forward to seeeing you ALL again next year :)

Thanks Bill for all you did to ensure we attended... Can't wait to see you again :)
EPIC. But mere words can't explain the joy and laughter brought by one very humble man to so many people.
I reflect what everyone else has said, I will also add.....

.....In what is a sea of shite, this event is like a glistening precious stone, the value only known by those who need it most.

Eternally grateful to all.
Another one with not much more to add, a fantastic weekend, a great do Bill,

I'm knackered though, that rain and wind this morning kept me awake, and I am not a morning person at the best of times,
Those motor homes look awfully tempting,

thanks to all the support, pizza guys and those that did the food, 'twas a great weekend!
I can't any more to what's already been said, just a genuine thank you to Bill and Co for putting on a wonderful event, awesome :thumby::thumby::thumby:


Adrian aka Orinoco
Cracker, Cracker, Cracker splendid and amahoosive thank you from Hugo, the chicken chomper and Donovan. Hugo and I absolutely loved it. Never been to a better do with a family friendly festival feel. Huge appreciation from an exhausted pup (he is now flat out on the wifes comfy chair -no doubt reagling himself of fond memories of Inch and the other dogs.) Absolutely great do and value for evcery £10.43....where does that 43p come from...dribbling down Atts leg...(Att, you called Hugo gay, maybe Rastus took offence?) Dan and Family, thank you for your tireless pizza making, Morgan for being a really decent teenager (those I taught were often quite moody) and you are a breath of fresh air to see you helping your folks and us old fogies. Bill and 2 bedlingtons, cheers. Next year¬!
Thanks Bill for having us and for all the effort that went into making this a wonderful weekend, it's much appreciated ……:bow:bow:bow

Thanks Dan for pizza too!!

Thanks everyone else for the laughs and company and especially all the dogs, I was in heaven :D

I'm home shattered and feeling particularly blessed :beerjug:


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Who would of thought that joining a bike based website, could lead to such treasures.
Safely home and reflecting on the outstanding generousity of Bill and the hard work that must go in to organising an event like this. Thanks to everyone involved. A superb event which seemed to be enjoyed by all.

Must remember to stand closer to the pizza oven if there is ever a repeat, that way I may get to taste some more of the creations.

I'm surprised that Rastus, clearly a dog of excellant breeding, continues to associate with Att although it appears that he elequently expressed an opinion this weekend.

Lastly, just to confirm I'm a twat of the highest calibre (though most probably know this already), I managed to loose another pair of glasses on the way home. Stopped to layer up at Tebay and that was the last I saw of them. Only realised I wasn't wearing them when I couldn't read the predicted arrival time on the satnav. Prescription bifocul, reactolite..........., even more bloody expensive than the last lot I lost at STD2. Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh.
Bill, you've excelled yourself.:thumb

I'd told my non GS riding mate about the bash, and he was worried he wouldn't enjoy it.:eek: On our way to Wales today, he said that as soon as booking for next year is open, we are in.:beerjug:

Not happy that Att wouldn't answer the knocking on his door at midnight, but it was funny waking the dog up knowing that Dave would've been doing his nut!:JB

The come down from this will be big.
Thanks for the accolades, as you all realize there are many involved in making a weekend happen and I lost count of the number of people who quietly asked if there was anything they could do to help.
Being in the middle of the county helps to draw folks from far and wide, many who haven't seen each other for a few years, so if it helps reunite old friends, so much the better. The numbers who came across the water to be in Staffordshire was nice to see.
I was given some hand made gifts, a craftsman made knife which feels so right when in the hand, and a caricature drawing which has captured much more than just my image, it's like someone has been following me about for a few months and seen what really goes on around those barns. A fine Irish pewter mug which will only be filled with milk for a day or two whilst I try to rescue a few of the remaining brain cells.
The weather was with us for the ride-outs and the outside catering, everyone should have a pizza oven I think.
I do get quite stressed in the couple of weeks leading up to the event, and this carried over somewhat into the event itself this year.
Thank you all for coming and our thoughts are with those unable to attend for whatever reason this year and those fighting their own personal battles as well.
Cheers everyone.
Bill Jakey and Crumpet.
Thanks from me too Bill, what a great weekend with great company and great food. Everything was taken care of for us.

Am I the only one that by paying so little it feels like we've had Bill over?
I can only echo what everyone else has said. Thank you so much once again Bill for another excellent event. It was great to see old friends, some of which I haven't seen for a few years now, and to meet a few new ones as well.
How long is it until the next one and when does the booking open? :thumb2
The man himself

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What an absolutely cracking weekend, it was fantastic to meet up with everybody and for Helly to meet some of these miscreants at last.

An enormous thanks to Bill the Alchemist who has somehow managed to distill out the spirit of UKGSer for all to enjoy over one glorious weekend :)
massive thanks to bill for organising such a fantastic event. + syco for the curry, dan for the pizza, flipfly for breckie, andrew for the ride out and bill again, cos he deserves it.

oh, and everyone who tirelessly threw the ball for Bentley :)


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