Accommodation/location recommendations in Southern Belgium for a three day trip

I'd definitely stay in Diana.

All I did with Kurviger was enter the towns, starting with Chimay, in the same anti-clockwise order as they appear on the basic map in the article. Chimay > Vressse > Florenville > Rossiginol etc etc etc > Chimay to complete the circle. Just hit the + button each time you want to enter a town onto the list.

You are not forced to ride the circle anti-clockwise or indeed start at Chimay, that's just what I happened to do by way of illustration.

Here's the link to help you with Kurviger: but it's incredibly easy.

One tip: Like any route creator, always check what the app churns out. You don't want to find yourself down some goat track in the broiling sun, delayed by a puncture, when all you really want to be is chilling with like minds at your hotel.

Ok, where is Diana? I can't find it on google maps. google or any search. All I get is Princess Diana etc....

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