And in the end..... (Looking back on our Adventures).


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Oct 3, 2005
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:eek: FFS what sort of hotels is that based on!!! (it's £385 a week!)

That's genuinely way more than I survive on in a year living in the UK :confused:

I must be missing something :nenau

I think you've jumped the gun a bit there Fanum. That price is not just for the Hotels. It includes petrol, food, servicing, repairs, entrance fees, border crossing costs, Country/continent crossing costs by plane/ship etc and maps etc etc.

I was hesitant about putting any cost in this thread as these costs vary considerably on the individual. It did cost me more than I would live on in a year too and that is normal on any sort of trip isn't it ? As Zerocool has said he spent significantly more on a 3 week trip than would extrapolate out for a year than mine did.

However, now I have opened the subject I would like to outline the general costs more specifically so that any readers who are interested will have some 'on-the-road' experience ideas for planning their own long-term trips. John and I got our budget woefully wrong and ended up spending nearly twice what we'd hoped for at the outset. (We hadn't obviously hadnt budgeted for aftermath of Johns accident in Honduras and we also travelled for longer too.) The below costs are for an average week. (Petrol was calculated based on USA price which will be too low for much of the world.)

Accomodation @ $25/night 175
Petrol 15
food x2 $10 Lunch/$20 Dinner 210
Visits 35
Coffees 30
Bike maint(Inc Tyres/oil etc) 37
Misc 70
Borders/flights 70
Insurances 13

The Total comes out at around $31,500/pa which translated into £18,500 at the time. These costs though are very approximate and are too low but they give some idea of where the money goes/went. I may well look at it again and do a proper analysis but in the mean time, as I say, I hope it helps a bit.

Regards for now & Merry Christmas.



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Aug 10, 2004
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:thumb2Congratulations. You've done what a lot of us on this site just fantasize about.
Well done and good luck with resuming a 'normal' life.

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