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Nov 17, 2005
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Valeilles, South West France
In case anyone doesn't know of the arrangements.

If anyone wants any bits at all from James Sherlock, then they must be ordered and paid for in advance. Tell them it is for Airhead Weekend and they will put them aside rather than posting them out. I will then drive up to James's place on the Thursday and collect everything in my estate car and store it neatly in my workshop until you arrive.

If after working on your bike on Saturday there is an emergency requirement for anything else, James has kindly agreed in the past to go back to his shop late Saturday (he is closed all weekend) and bring anything needed along on the Saturday night when he comes to join in the eating and drinking and general socialising.

Please try to organise the bits you need BEFORE you get here as it will make things much easier.

Any queries then just drop me a line and I'll sort it out.


I'll see what bikes he has for sale for the journey home, lol :D

Off to see the wizard tomorrow to finish sorting Bertha. Looking forward to getting down there with a bike in one piece :thumb

Looking forward to having a beer with ya dude, it's been too long :beerjug:
Last chance to order any bits from Sherlocks for me to collect later today.

I need a new rear tyre for my R100RS as it just failed its MOT first thing this moring.:( Plenty of tread on the outside of the tyres, only bald in the centre bit.

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