Boom Boom...... Shake Shake The Katoom

You told me you were balls deep with F9 all weekend.

Hope you enjoyed my hotel room whilst I was working.

Pikey Bastardo :)
We’re you charging for photos, kind of like David Prowse at a Comic Con ??
And on to Pamplona, famous for the Bull-running, and a significant Pilgrim stop-over on the Camino de Santiago..


Some 'interesting' Bikes are encountered...

And we find our way down to the Bull Ring, where the Bulls are treated 'kindly and humanely' before being released into the streets to chase the tourists and yahoo's, playfully goring, stamping, and tossing a few, just to add colour to the spectacle..😮
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Day 8

Sort to Esquedas.

220 Miles

Great day this. After making sure that his Y fronts were dry, Von S and I ate the biggest breakfast in NATO then set out to Vielha, one of my favourite stretches of road.

Its bone dry but a bit chilly, and I know we've got a bit of a climb coming up.

Through the glorious flat bit and up to the ski station, quick photo as it was only 2 deg then down to Vielha for a coffee.

Swing south for a bit........

Through the long tunnel then all the way along the beautiful 230 and 123 to Barbastro.

Few stops on the way, (I note that on here Rod 'vasco' Von S is already lost as he's catapulted himself forward 2 days to Pamploma :augie ), then into a plain but very nice place for a good rest.

Looking forward to the A1205 tomorrow, back way to Jaca and then along the lake to Pamploma. (y)
Managed to find a nice Dam, do like a good dam....


The track on the top is open so I have a bimble across. It ends shortly but a good spot for a bluffed shot of how much off road I did. (Approx 200metres)


Still, it was worth the epic trail and having an immensely capable bike for a nice photo. :D

Von S is just out of shot looking at birds of prey.

I learned a fair bit on this subject over next few days, very interesting, god bless Cardo.

More of that later.....

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Me attempting a suitably heroic pose after earning my TET wings


Found this place a few years ago.

The road was blocked further on so we had to back track 20 miles and go to plan B, another amazing road..........bummer


Atop Vielha ski area. My gloves were off for 0.00000000001 seconds to take this photo.

Rod staying firmly welded to his warm bike, and adopting a suitably adventurous pose, whilst I de kit and do the photos.

Rod looking good, me behind the camera shaking like a shitting dog in the cold.

Glove on - Ready To race - Coffee time. (y)


Ill leave it to Von S to describe the waitress in the cafe.....................
Bored or wanting it more rapidly ???

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Ok a clue. …..

Dead heat in a zeppelin race ….

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Calling Von S, commenzie in bitte……
Very welcome mate.

I’ll try get another day on today.

Very busy with work lately

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