Brake pads advice on wear

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Jun 27, 2016
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What sort of milage are people getting on the stock front and rear brake pads-2021 model 1250 GS.

Ive a 8,000 km trip coming up in May and im on two minds to swap them out now or just bring the pads with me.

The bike is currently 5500 km

i bought my gs new ,its on a 21 plate and at 16thousand miles,i just changed the pads ft and rear the other day,i might add that they still had a fair few miles still left in them.
What sort of milage are people getting on the stock front and rear brake pads-2021 model 1250 GS.

Ive a 8,000 km trip coming up in May and im on two minds to swap them out now or just bring the pads with me.

The bike is currently 5500 km


For the LC-bikes, in my experience, the rear brake pads wear out quicker than the front brakes. This is due to the integral brake function..
I would say take a spare set with you, along with the tools to change them. It’s not a long job, I did mine on a trip back through Italy. No problem.
Brilliant lads thank you, after reading this I’ve fair confidence in them.

I’ve just made a decision to change the tyres before I go so I’ll check the pads out then as well.

Thanks again
At 5500 kms the pads should be like new unless you are a really heavy breaker …..

I changed mine at around 35000 kms - rears were pretty thin but the most worn front still had around 25% left

Anyway, it’s your choice
Thanks digby, nah I’m a cautious lad by nature so wouldn’t be generally a hard breaker and use engine breaking a fair bit too.

What had me thinking about it was how thin the rear pads looked but you mentioned that.
My bike was in for the recalls yesterday, got 11500 miles on it and the health check said theres 90% left on the fron and rear pads.
And it's not unknown for a pair of rear pads to be toast in 8k miles, well before the fronts.

I recently changed my rear pads for the second time at around 18k. Front's have got loads of meat left.

In my case, most of my riding is around town with lots of stop start and gentle braking from slow speeds. I believe, the braking system shoves a lot more of the braking to the rear for those conditions.
Just had my bike serviced today 11,600 miles. Was advised the rear pads are worn and very near MOT limit.
In my experience the life of your pads is all down to how you ride...On my GS the rears are swapped every 6k at the service as their pretty near to the end of there life, fronts are probably good for 30k.

That said i am a heavy bastard and also have a heavy wrist were all different. What i would recommend is swapping the swiss cheese brembo pads at the rear for the ebc sintered pads fa209hh, good bite and harder wearing :thumby:
Well my 2015 R was in for some work today. Vehicle health check shows rear pads at less than 10% life left! Only changed them 6 weeks ago/1000 miles! That is not right. Have asked them to inspect as there is no way I can have worn out a set of sintered ferodo's from mworks in that mileage, regardless of how one rides
That doesn’t sound right at all in the pads, surely they’ve not checked them correctly !

In the end I didn’t swap the pads, I did the trip to Norway and had no bother at all. There’s still some life left in them too.
Interesting this thread.
Some say "25k, don't worry" to, "take some with you" :ROFLMAO:
Two months ago, I changed my front and rear pads. Both of the old sets were hardly worn. But I had them, so changed them. In the last years, I've done all my own servicing. And A couple of weeks ago my bike went in for the cardon check, and water valve.
The "Health" Check stated .......All brake pads worn to zero, Possible to metal. And the front Discs were worn below minimal tolerance.
I did laugh. I'm sure they say these things to get you to purchase a new machine. They didn't like seeing a Non BMW stamp in the service book :ROFLMAO:
They also told me the TFT software had been updated, As Id asked for it. When I got home, I tried to connect my helmet and phone, But couldn't get a connection. When I looked in the connections. The old headset and phone were still there. Which means the software wasn't updated. On enquiring about this. Was told. "Oh year, it did disconnect"..............
Disappointed TBH. Oh well. Im sure my value as a customer when I buy a new Adventure model for 25K when its released will be restored !
I have a 2019 1250 and at 30K miles the pads look like they have at least 70 % life left…! If you brake less you are faster…LOL Btw my bike has the Brembo calipers not the junk from Hayes.Happy with the brakes even if I think 320mm rotors up front would have been better !
Just out of interest does anyone know the new O.E brake pad thickness on the front and rear brembo's, its an 18 GSA.

Just thought i'd get an idea how worn they are after 16,000 miles. Looks with my eye's to be circa 3.5 to 4mm on the front and plenty to go before the wear lines and circa 2 to 2.5m on the back but i cant see any wear limit marks.

Thanks if anyone knows.

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