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Apr 22, 2005
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County Durham
Furthest travelled....Rushy.

Best bike......Norms 1150gsa (he used his 1200 but they're poo:D)

Best tales in the pub.......Mickey.

The Mr K award for self abuse....I'm claiming that one for crawling out of my pit 2 hours after the start of the ride out :eek:

Thanks to those who made it, for the great company :friday, the laughs :natter and most of all the friendship :Duchess
Worst B&B........

Nope, we've some great stories from that one, might have to go back next year for the entertainment. We had such a good time Chris is still up there :D
Sorry (for us) we missed the pub but after Scotchland I was knxckered, we had a drink at the B&B when we got in and sort of just carried on!!!!!!!

Joking apart, had a great time, really enjoyed the ride and really enjoyed meeting a few more GSers (even though I'm too little to ride one). I'll try and stretch my legs to trundle across the campsite and pull up to a tent next year :D

Genuine thanks to Colin, Georgia and the 'TEC', Chris'll post up when he's home x
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Worst Campsite


Oh I don't know, it had 'character':D - a riding test to get onto it, beer on arrival, cockerel alarm clock (5.00am:eek:)

Enjoyed the company and rideout - got home about 3.30 today after stopping several times to pump up Tony's tyre.

Norm claimed he went home early to sort out the mess left by his roofers - I think he didn't trust his bike to last the distance :D:D:D
Yep, a really good weekend. Tired but happy - 5 days solid riding for us ( how absolutely terrible :D ).
Thanks to everyone who attended, we took some piccies which we'll post later and to Colin&Georgia for arranging on behalf of all.
Thanks for the open invite. Had an enjoyable ride up to the Inn, furthest i'd ridden the XC but she was fine over that distance. Covered just over 370 miles in total. Filled up 4 times and best mpg was 64 and worst was 61, was cracking on tho and the economy takes a dive north of 75mph. Had great fun on the top part of the A6 over Shap. Enjoyed the lanes around Brampton too. Saw the annual cricket match between Lanercost & Ulverston, saw several small cricket matches in fact , roaming around them with no satnav trying to 'follow my nose' to find the venue was nice ( although I did get slightly lost on them at 07.30 this morning when I left ).

Managed to see that old fella Hadrians bloody big garden wall for the first time since I was a kid too.

Rob deffo' picked the best 'campsite' to park his caravan in so it only seemed sensible to join him.The food at the Crossing Inn was bloody brilliant although walking the lanes around the pub at 11pm trying to get a phone signal reminded me of something out of American Werewolf ..bloody middle of nowhere that place. Thanks god its not called The Slaughtered Lamb.

Pleasant evening all round talking bikes and bollocks and downing the Morgans. Met Colin & Rob before but nice to meet the ladeez Gail & Georgia and the infamous Micky at long last. Magnet and Tony nice to meet you too, PM me if you are doing anything in the Peaks as thats not far from me and it would be good to hook up for a ride some time.

Thanks everyone :thumb2
Unusually for me I didnt take many photos, not much to see but here ya go anyway:(

The big off under sunny skies on saturday morning.....Lou wouldn't let me bring Phoebe

Hadrian's wall...


The Inn ...Inn the middle of nowhere...I can recommend the Steak & Ale Pie


Tent packed and ready for the return ride home at 07.10am


That is all i'm afraid folks:rolleyes:
Great event indeed ... thanks Colin and Georgia for organising :thumb

Wouldn't have missed it for the world ... rounded off a great week camping up in Scotland with Magnet, Harry the Cat and Norm aka Fran, Tony and Kev ... out of this week 'Frantastic Tours' are born :eek:

Good to meet you Rushy and Phooey and put a face to the name, great to see you again Colin and Rob ... sorry about the beer bottles left up at the 'camp site' :beer:

Errr mmmm could you put me down for next year please :thumb

Err mmmm I don't mean 'put me down' but rather put my name down pleasy please, deposit in the post :eek:

So here we have Norm in 'compost mood' Oh sorry, meant composed mood ;)

A couple of group piccies and one of Fran and Tony :thumb

Great weekend guys'n gals ... thanks all :friday


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Thanks to those who attended

The 'get together' was a let down in many ways but the company & craic more than made the weekend for Georgia & I





Just sorted piccies out - campsite (also known as 'Beirut'), lunch stop and Isle of Whithorn :)


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So here is one taken before we got to BWTI ... what's that you're wearing Magnet ;)



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