Carl Stearns Clancy Run

Hi folks,

The UK leg of this run will leave from Glasgow docks at 9am on Sat. 27th Oct. A couple of guys off the Horizons Unlimited site are going to do the whole trip from Glasgow to London and a few more are going to join in for a bit of it along the way. It's entirely up to the individual to decide how much or how little they want to do - the main thing is to mark the fact that the first man to ride a motorbike around the world, Carl Clancy, passed along Scottish roads exactly 100 years ago. It'd be great if some of the Scottish UKGSers took part also.

As well as the HU page mentioned by Eclectic there is a Facebook page at

There's also an event page for the UK leg at

So if you’re a Facebook user please visit and “Like” the page and if you’d like to join in you can click “Join” or even “Maybe” on the Facebook Events page. :thumb2

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