Carol Nash Non fault claim

My z1000sx was repaired by them. All parts are new as far as I can tell by the date codes on the fairings and it was super clean when it came back.

It did take ages to get sorted but that’s mostly down to the other party denying all knowledge of reversing into my bike as he wasn’t there. The photos of him looking at my bike at the side of the road and the text from him apologising made him change his tune though.
Well my friend still hasn't got his bike back, latest two excuses are ' it is taking longer because the other person( who admitted full liability) only had third party cover'.

'We have found that the bike needs a new silencer and rear mudguard and we cannot buy just a rear light lens so it is an extra £450 for a light cluster.'

Silencer and rear mudguard had appeared undamaged prior to being transported down to 4th dimension
4th Dimension dealt with my RT's recent interaction with an hgv. I can't fault them really - very regular updates, some by text, some in a call, and they removed various personal bits from the bike (TomTom powered mount, Wunderlich gps bracket, puncture repair kit and emergency starter pack) and sent them back to me. No gripes here.

Well spoke to the lad who's bike was taken down to 4th Dimension in the last week of July, it is still not back . Stock excuses of the parts are not available , so it is back in storage , wrong parts sent so it is back in storage, the new parts not available,we have found further damage,the parts are unavailable etc etc
The claim which according to a local Yamaha dealer have cost below £1000 to fix including labour is costing the other drivers insurance and therefore indirectly us as insurers a hell of a lot more.
Try the costs of a loan bike for eight weeks at £120 per day and storage of the bike when it is not actually being worked on for £20 per day and then the costs of taking it from rural Northumberland down to Surrey and back for repairs (local Yamaha dealers is 12 miles away)
It is hardly on one off piece of exotica with handcrafted parts or pure unobtanium, it is a 3 year old FJR1300 .
It was another case of an insurance brokerage firm bullying a vehicle owner into having to use 'their recommended' repairer to speed things up and implying that you do not have a choice in the matter.
Bit of an update, mate got his bike back after 8 weeks plus and give them their dues it was fixed but the mot had run out and the promised mot was not done .
However, he is stuck in the middle of a bit of a legal wrangle as the offending vehicles insurer have paid for the vastly inflated repairs but is refusing to pay the £7000 bill for the loan bike provided by 4th Dimension who had been hassling him to initially pay ( until it could be sorted out)

He has had to get his insurers to tell them to back off

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