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Just had my R100GS serviced, had comment on low tyre pressure 10psi front and rear????? Tubeless Metzeler Enduro 4's. Although not used daily the pressures are checked regularly and always need topping up, is this just a quirk of tubeless tyres. How often does everyone else check pressures?
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Have the same sort of thing with tyres on mine, have to check them at least twice a week and they always need topping up.:(

At least it keeps you fit:bounce1

Steve H

P.S. My bike is fitted with the trailwings...
Tyre pressure

is to do with the rims. Don't know how old your bike is, but seems that the reems acumulate a lot of rust where the tyre is suposse to seal, so that a small amount of air is always leaking. selution? Dismount the tyre, clean the rims flanges with some rust dissolver, some WP40 will help and remount the rims. Seems to work for a while. Did you know that the rims are made in Italy?
remaind me of an Alfa I had once. Yosi:beerjug:
I lose about 1-2 PSI a week on tubeless tyres, but on leaving the bike for a German holiday for 3 weeks last year it only lost a total of 3.5 PSI in that extended time.

One has to remember, that you can lose about .5 PSI just checking the pressure if you're not careful.

Yosi I went out and checked my rims and they say BEHR Germany, I also noted that there was a directional arrow on the rims, something I've never noted before. Obviously the rim is designed to rotate one way only, maybe that's why it didn't come with reverse?

Yesterday I changed my tyres back from TKC80's to Enduro 4's for winter, at the same time I had a good look at the inside of the rims and decided that when I change back again in about 16 weeks or so, I'll clean the innards with warm soapy water then dry them thoroughly before mounting the TKC 80 tyres.


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