Disc'o funk


Grimeca(?) about £70 when I bought one last year. Half the price of OE ones

Original ones for Moto Bins £135!, lst April had two new front discs fitted to my vauxhall van, both ventilated patern genuine parts, £44 each INCLUDiNG PADS!! how can bike discs be so expensive?, Seems to me anything to do with bikes or "leasure" gets a premium put on it.
dave ( i hate christmas) gs. Roll on 2010
Brake stuff ..
Try Slimbo, member off this site at;

His prices seem as good as anyones, and he rides an 1150 GS too, as well as being an AA call out repair man. Got my bits from him - jolly nice chap !!

PS Dave GS -what's so good about 2010 -you do know it's 2008 now, and the next year should, by my calculations be 2009 ?? :JB (just like this smiley, no other reason !)
Motobins.co.uk, grimeca disc £59

Got one on mine

part no. 20350G

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