EFS file encryption problem


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Mar 1, 2005
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I regularly back up data to an external hard drive and wish to secure that data

I am following the guide in PCPro mag issue 172 Feb 2009 titled 'Secure Your PC-part 1'

The article recommends encrypting data using EFS, the encryption file system built into XP and Vista and used on NTFS file systems only

Once encrypted, the directory turns green and is still readable on the master machine..

After reading the article, I have assumed that I can encrypt a directory and safely export it to say an external HD, for use on any other machine, as long as that other machine has the appropriate certificate imported.

However, I have failed at the first hurdle because Windows XP will not permit copying of the encrypted directory. The attribute is 'read only' and I an unable to change that and copy it

What am I doing wrong ? Anybody know ?

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