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Jul 3, 2006
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Anyone know which set of engine bars are not compatable with remus headers?
Hepco and Becker fitted to mine with Remus headers and Remus titanium silencer. No problems fitting either item. Best of luck definitely worth fitting both.:rob
For my 1200 yes, thats the answer I was after as I have some coming today and Ive hepco and beckers on.

I believe this its only the 2008 models with the Remus / oxygen sensors problem.
I don't know the exact list but it seems to be be most engine bars WONT fit the 08 models with the Remus headers, due to the position of the oxygen sensors fouling the the engine bars.
I think Remus may have to reposition where they drill the holes for the sensors.

Pre 2008 models seem OK with any engine bars and Remus headers.

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