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Aug 27, 2009
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So after an introductory UK tour with my 2013 S10 I want to get a bigger screen... I'm 6'5" and the bike has a 490mm ish Yamaha touring option on a Touratech multi adjustable mount... It's on the higher setting about mid tilt and I am looking at the Givi AF447 or 447ST... There are UK ones about... Are there any that you need to sell? and have you found one or the other to be the answer...? Cheers in advance for any feedback...:thumb2
Anyone for Delkevic oval swap for your STD exhaust...?

On my recently bought S10 2013 I have a Delkevic 14" oval stainless steel BSAU approved end can that I want a STD replacement for... Either I buy one of the few on offer on eBay or one of you guys might like a swap... I am not bother which but am open to interest an once i have a STD can I will sell the Delkevic... |It's great, is passive off the throttle and rorty on it... But I usually have standard set up's... Cheers:thumb2
Wanker trick of writing a reply and thinking I was starting a new thread... Please ignore exhaust bit and I'll start a new thread...:rolleyes:

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