I Bought an R100GS to pursue perfection: advice needed

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Jul 17, 2011
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After 20 years of reservations a bought a Beamer, one of those that captured my attention since my teens! Always loved the look of it!

1989 model with 48.000 miles. The bike had a good restoration already. Bodywork is in perfect condition although not with the original graphics.


Frame was repainted recently and is immaculate. Engine is very clean and seems to run extremely smoothly. Starts and pulls very well.
There is a tiny little oil leak after long use coming from the oil sump. Possibly a gasket problem.
After few miles I noted a vibration at mid revs and on throttle release which is more evident at empty tank. I think is the tank a bit loose or something there about.
Spokes are ok but nipples are rusty. Y exhaust connector is bit rusty too. Otherwise no rust.
Keys are copied and there is no lock for the seat, tank tap and panniers.
Speedometer glass is old and has some condensation.

The plan is to complete the restoration to return it to its original graphics, rationalise keys, make it rust free, change front springs with hyperpro and shock with an ohlins. Front disc changed for a larger one.
All bushes and bearings changed for new, Seat cover changed for one in original colour (unfortunately the proper original doesn’t seems to be available), new tyres, full service, new gaskets, perhaps a lithium battery and anything else that I will discover needs fixing as I go through it.

I am sure I will need several advice as this project unfold, I am aiming to finish it by the end of May.

Thanks in advance



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Looks like an r100r seat - might explain the lack of a seat lock? Slightly lower than gs version IIRC.
I think the graphics look great, I'd be leaving those alone.

I had a similar sump drip - actually turned out to be a very slowly weeping pushrod tube seal with the oil almost invisibly making its way to the sump, from where it dripped.
Looks like an r100r seat - might explain the lack of a seat lock? Slightly lower than gs version IIRC.

Second photo shows a blue seat - ? But a grey/black one is R100R style, yes, they are same height as R80/100GS and have the same locking mechanism arrangement.

It looks like a great bike!
It does indeed look like an R100R seat. And none the worse for that.

Why change the graphics? They look good and are appropriate to the model's history. I'd leave them be.
I have the same model but mine is in need of a bit more refurbishing, mainly wheels need rebuilding and the original silencer dissolved many years ago. I’ve seen those graphics on several bikes and think I’ll fit them on mine when I redo the tank.

I think all standard speedos suffers from condensation inside. You can try reseating the pushrod tube seals without any dismantling.
I am aiming for 2023 :augie
I have a bit of OCD and need things finished and in order :)
Thanks everyone for the welcome and replies.
Few comments for a collective reply to your posts.

1) Current graphics are nice but are not my favourite and not the original for the 1989 Alpine White R100GS. I ordered the original one and the warning stickers from Heritage Stickers. The current one are nice but were used on the G/S Paris-Dakar with the larger tank...I believe.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 23.19.19.jpg

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 23.19.39.jpg


2) Seat I believe is the original but the cover is not. Colours are not the white alpine; and it is terribly slippery. I bought a new cover in the original white and blue combo, however, I couldn't find the cover with the GS logo. It is no longer available. In fairness I would have opted for an higher version if I was to buy the whole seat.



3) Oil drip: @theOtherPaulG, can you please tell me more. Pushrod tube seal? I am not sure, can you please show me in pictures or diagrams?

4) Speedometer: I would like to keep the original. I just want to change the cover glass.

5) MotorWorks is where I will most likely order all the parts from. Can you advise otherwise?

Thanks again,

Motorworks are excellent in my opinion but there is Sherlocks and also Motobinns who also do mail order.

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As Posh Pete suggested, the larger brake disc makes braking effective rather than hopeful.

Well worth the upgrade.

I like these round headlamped GS's. They're a great looking bike.
I had my original seat built up and recovered with not slip vinyl. The original foam had lost its elasticity making it very uncomfortable after 50 miles or so. I’ve tried several different footrests and found the very low swt rallye pegs can mean the brake pedal and gear change linkages need modifying.

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