Indicator and hazards coming on randomly


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Dec 2, 2016
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Tenbury Wells
Hi All

Had a very strange thing happen today on my '05 1200GS. After being out on it for about half hour I needed to pull up and investigate why my Garmin Zumo 390 had gone dead. Indicated left, pulled into a lay-by and couldn't get left indicator to cancel. Turned the ignition off, turned it back on and left indicator still on and I'm still unable to cancel it. Then pressed right indicator and both left and right came on. Again, tried to cancel using the cancel button, but both still flashing. Turned ignition off again, turned it back on and just the left was flashing - still couldn't cancel it. Got back on the bike, turned round to ride home and after about 100 yards, it went off. After that, no more problems for next 30 mins/15 miles.

Went out on it again in the afternoon for about 10 miles. All seemed OK, but at one point the right indicator started flashing and I was pretty sure I hadn't pressed the switch.

Anybody got any ideas? I need to take it for a few more miles to see if it re-appears but if anyone has had this before and knows what it might be, it would be good to know.

This might sound like I'm clutching at straws, but given my Zumo won't charge via the two contacts in the mount (the power leads are connected straight across the battery) , might it be possible that there is some kind of weird voltage or signaling feedback from the GPS that might be messing with the CAN-bus system?

Be great to get any suggestions you guys might have. :nenau

It's probably the indicator micro-switches that have developed a fault. Read this:

And this:

The membrane on the switches perish and then the faulty switch needs replacing. Don't buy the whole switch block from BMW as its VERY expensive. You can obtain the switches individually and provided you are capable with a soldering iron they can easily be replaced.

These are the switches you need:

From memory, once you have removed the whole switch block from the handle bars, there's one last screw that needs to be removed from the switch housing to get to the switches and it's hidden under the part number sticker. :blast
I just bought a complete unit from Motorworks (used)
It happened a few months ago.

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Thanks very much all for your suggestions, comments and links. I'll take a look inside the switchgear this coming weekend and see what's going on. Sounds like this is the problem.



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