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Sep 15, 2007
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Bookham, Surrey, England
Whilst checking my own insurance documentation, and some of you may already know - and those who have circumnavigated the planet 3 times before breakfast, have lived on nothing but live dung beetles for sustenance in the Namibian plains, have traded Matabele Gumbo Beads for US Dollars, and whose cock will swell to enormous dimensions at the sheer thought of a 4 million mile, 5 year journey, will most certainly correct me - but most insurance companies seem to only offer Third Party Only cover in Switzerland.

I just thought it might be an idea to double-check, as most insurers offer fully comp in EU countries with the same benefits as if you were still riding n good old Blighty (for up to 90 days as standard, if you've paid for it), but as Swisserland is not a fully paid-up member of the EU, you may find you have exceptions to your Policy, restricting the cover, if not excluding cover.

Might save a few tears before bedtime?

I thank you.

Yoybringer's Public Service Announcement Department.

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