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Mar 9, 2009
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N. Lincs. UK.
I've accumulated what seems like a vast collection of Streetpilot related stuff over the years:
Map Discs, RAM Mounts, Power Cables, Remote Controls, Car Mounts etc etc.
Does anyone even still use their 2610, 2820 sat-navs..? Or is it just me..? :D
Yep got one on my R1150gs.
Its mounted on the bars in its TT mount hard to the clutch master
I love it.
Though I havent accumulated any near as much as you:p

I'm giving up on my 'modern' sat nav:rolleyes: (o.k - it IS meant for car use, it's not waterproof, screens too dark and NOT user friendly for gloved fingers) in favour of my old SPIII, which i got here from Bin Ridin ( a gentleman! :clap ).
I've often wondered if he ever regretted giving it to me - for 'old technology' they're rather good aren't they?! :thumb2
Might need a new power lead at some point - but that thing has never let me down. :)
I've got a Nav II that I don't use any more. I replaced it with a Zumo 350 when the screen started darkening after an hour's use.
Dead thread revival...

... but that thing has never let me down. :)

Until i need to use it as my main Sat Nav. :blast
There's a long story behind this - but no need to bore yiz. :rolleyes:
Short version;
finally got set to use it. Chose my maps and went to transfer from the p.c. to the unit.
NOW the p.c. cant "see" the garmin unit and no amount of technical feckery (including asking real technicians here in the job) can get a connection from p.c. to garmin.
It just cant see the unit / driver / USB / port1 woteverTheFeck! :mad:
Tried many methods including downloading from the garmin site. But to no avail.
.... i'm about to give up / dont really want to / but looks like no option.
Unless the collective know otherwise? :nenau
Help! :(
Thank you.
What I used to do was put a compact flash card into a reader connected by USB and put the maps on that. It was reasonably quick to do and always seemed to work. I might have tried connecting to the 2610 once or twice but direct to the card worked better.
I've happily used this for a long time for just bimbling along back roads and exploring / not as a serious workhorse.
But now i need it to perform - it dont. :(
ANYhow - i'm getting off the point. :blast
I've loaded the maps i need onto a memory stick and hope to get the laptop at home to work to transfer from memory stick to the Garmins own "unique" :rolleyes: card - thus leaving out the actual unit itself.

Ta for reply. Wish me luck! :D
I used OpenStreetMap from rather than very old Garmin maps. The easy way if you're a Windows user is simply to put the Garmin's Compact Flash card into a computer and unpack the downloaded file direct to the card. If I remember correctly (it was a long time ago) the extracted map file needs to be in a folder called Garmin.
But the entire problem is that the p.c.'s (plural!) And the laptop i've tried don't "see" anything Garmin that I connect. Not the unit nor the card.
I have downloaded the update from the Garmin site ~ still no go.
But thanks for the reply!
Like Bear I take the card out and put it into a card reader to do the map thing from openGPS.
Never had any success plugging the GPS into my PC.


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