Nav II Cradle wiring --Black, Red, Purple


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Feb 18, 2006
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OK, i know we've all moved on by about 17 years since the Nav II and cradle was the GPS that BMW were supplying, but I have a working Nav II and BMW mount with the additional buttons which I'd like, for some odd reason, to get working one last time. However, there are 3 wires coming out of the cradle, power, earth and a purple one which i suspect has something to do with the cradle, or it could be audio, or switched power, or or.... but can't find the info to work it out.

Does anyone who can cast their mind back that far, know how the cradle should be wired - specifically what the purple 3rd wire is for?

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I think the purple wire was meant to be wired into a speedometer pick-up. Then if satellite contact was lost in a tunnel, you would get an approximate location from this sensor.

It was nothing to do with audio out or switched live.

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