Need a £3k do it all fun commuter - thinking 1150GS!

But seriously, where do we pay le £12?
I don’t understand all the Ulez stuff (I live in the Highlands). I would also consider an 1100. Had two of them and then later the 1150. I preferred the 1100. They handle and go just the same but the 1150 was heavier and not so good build quality in my opinion.
spend some money sorting the tdm suspension. there will be more knowledgeable folk along shortly.

This is good advice in my opinion. Clearly your tdm has an issue, as they are quite a hoot to ride, and not terrible at all.
They are also definitely more reliable than the 1150 (or any) BMW, with all due respect to our community, easier and cheaper to maintain.

The benefits of a 1150gs vs your TDM, are:
-faster point to point
-much torquier, which makes 2 up travel much more comfortable
-more comfortable to sit long hours on
-more stylish, brand etc. its a cooler bike, than a tdm which back in the day were called Tediums.

But the truth is, for what you have to do on it as per your description, a sorted tdm is a good one.

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