Needs help with BudgetBike


During the last month or so I've been trawling the interweb :type and local magazine shops and advert listings looking for a bike.

I've been searching for something under 125cc which can handle the field at a family friends in wales.
The field isnt too 'lumpy' but whatever I buy should really be suited to some form of off road.

The major problem I have is that this is only a 'muck-around' bike and I dont want to spend any considerable amount of money on it.

I hear buckets of stories from friends who picked up a clapped out old bike for around £150 and go on to have much fun with it.

I don't mind if the suspension is dodgy, or the brakes aren't very good.

Just something that goes (or even if it doesn't, I dont mind a bit of restoration :D )

any help in finding a bike suited for this under about £300/£400?

Any help will be greatly appreciated
Fleabay's probably your answer, plenty of cheap and cheerful options there.

Just be careful if a bike is listed as a field bike because it has no papers (why...???) and know that if anything major goes wrong, it'll probably be cheaper to replace the whole thing than repair.

Do you actually mean Fleabay?

Or eBay.

I've been keeping my eye on eBay, but the problem is, so is everyone else.
Good bargains are unlikely to be noticed by me alone.

Plus I don't trust it so much these days, people will do anything to scam you out of a few quid. Most of the bikes are in bad condition, played off as mint cond.
Bloke next door asked me if i wanted a 125 Honda dirt bike last week, he bought it needing a bit of work to use offroad for him and his step son and hasen't got round to it, its a fairly late one but cannot go on the road as it is a cat B.
Didn't get round to money but think he only want a couple of hundred and its local :thumb2
:JB This was just what I was hoping for

If I got my dad to PM you,
You think you could sort me out with some of his details?

(My dad's account is boundless)

Thanks so much

I really do appreciate the help :thumb2

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