New BMW Stainless Rear Rack

Big Derek

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Oct 27, 2008
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Blyth Notts

Is it me or am I going MAD? I recently bought a new BMW GS R1200ADV Rear Rack and the fitting kit Having tried several times to work it out I have fell out with it.

:nenauI have taken a GS1200 style BMW rack off and wanted to put the new stailess ADV style rack on all go's well untill you get the fitting kit. Having spoken to Astles at Grimsby where the rack came from who are very helpful it all seem s a mistery until Thursaday when Andrew come sback from time off.
I need it on for Saturday as we are going on a Mince Pie ride with th elocal IAM.
Can anyone email some good high res pics of their rack so I can possibly work it out from there?


Big D
Hi Dennis

thanks for that but I have sorted it out now, it helps when you have the correct brackets! Sorted now and on and in use. All I have to do now is find someone who wants to buy the BMW GS styled rack and side fittings ?

Big D

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