NUMBERS, whos coming and how many

Get back in the broom cupboard you and who said anything about splashing out! you will give me an effing heart attack, look forward to seeing you again.

Anyone staying in B&B near to event, if so, do you have contact details ?
ok for me to pop over saturday afternoon with bilco i will bring tent and bag but may also come home as working sunday
Make sure Rodger doesn't smoke and if he does you must let us know:rob
Bringing the dog?

Wasn't planning on it, Molly (big dog) is not getting on very well with 'Spike' the puppy, three of us in a tent or kipping in the back of a truck, would be a challenge:D

I've stopped them ya grumpy nicotine starved fecker and even though this wtll be my first couple of nights on the lash I won't be lapsing :pullface

HAve you seen what it would cost me in sponsorship? :blast
I'm off to fetch the CIDER in around an hour.....

Autumn Mix 7.5% proof as usual :augie:augie

Was it 2 or 3 x 20 litres ?? I can't remember :rob

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