Polo shirts?


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Nov 17, 2005
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Valeilles, South West France
I've been speaking to a supplier today who can supply us with good quality polo shirts in a wide variety of colours and in all sizes up to 4XL which should cover most "Full Bodied" tossers:D

I would need to finalise numbers two weeks before event as they may have to order in certain sizes/colours.

They will add a logo and a name for a fixed fee. I reckon I could set the price at £15 with logo and name (up to 25 characters). Any profit would of course be donated to the local charity.

Firstly, I need a logo. They would like a jpeg file which would be embroided on to the shirt.

I suggest a simple picture of an airhead engine under which we would have "Gentlemens' Wee-kend" and then either your real name or your online name.


Does anyone have a jpeg image of an airhead engine that they could let me use?

How many people would be interested in a nice Polo shirt as a souvenir of the event?

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