Portsoy 10 to 12 September 2021

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Sep 8, 2005
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Last year Bazman organised a Scottish event in Strontian which a good number went to it. This year big gatherings haven't been allowed but, hopefully, next year we'll be back. It was decided to alternate between two great places - Strontian and Portsoy so the plan for 2021 is Portsoy.

It's a great wee seaside town on the Moray coast, an area many folk don't know anything about. It's got some great wee roads, lots of distilleries, beaches, fish - and in Portsoy a campsite right on the beach.

There is camping, hook ups for vans and a recently renovated hostel. There's a great wee pub on the old harbour, 5 minutes walk away from the campsite as well as a chip shop, Chinese, Co-op, etc.



I'll ask the campsite to set an area aside for us, depending how many folk plan to appear. For folk wanting a bed or room in the hostel or a local BnB, make your own bookings and let us know you're coming.

So, get your maps out and see the possibilities for ways there and where you could carry on to.


The original plan was to go on the 17th but the Brownies have booked the whole hostel that weekend so they asked if we can come the weekend before so it's the 10th to the 12th.

The hostel is currently blocked off for us so it shows full online, if you want to book, phone and mention UKGSER. If you want to camp, post it on here. If you want a hook up, phone the campsite.

Guy there is Ian, 01261 842695, friendly and helpful
Which is the correct date ?

10th 12th Sept or 17th - 19th Sept ?
I'm in whichever date it is (Get the Boss to alter the date if the wrong one, 'cos I'm not sure now misen)

I'll be in whatever, but need to know the date before I 'phone Ian up.

Camper with electric, will be on my four - six week trip.

It is a great wee place for sure .... see you there folks :thumby:


Edit ... re reading, looks like you wanted the 17th 19th but had to settle for the 10th - 12th?
With Alastair's permission .... some photo's of earler visits


The 'Shore Inn' is very much like the Sun Inn at Dent (Stu will be happy)






Alastair (Northern Jock) with Chocky ...


See you there folks :thumby:

Did a week in Buckie Keith Elgin it's a lovely part of the country - chippy in buckie is good

Going the long, wrong way lol

Trust me you'll be dead by Dent ;) its a long haul ;)

I trided Strontian in one go, Almost never made it , it was a very long way to go for a BBQ lol ( but bloody worth it)

Easier way & route (and i'm on the south coast too)

M27, A34 ,M40/42, M6 - Dent - I stay overnight here, it breaks the trip up

then M6, A74m ,M73,M80, A90 A96 Posrtsoy In one hit 10:50

in 2 hits 5:50 per hit

Count me in, picking up a new to me 2020 Rallye one week today..
I did take a big financial hit on the Indian ftr, but you live and learn.
I might even visit the outlaws in Peterhead, tae see fit like.

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