Pre trip meeting 29th December 2011

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I've e-mailed everyone reference a pre trip meeting but just in case you don't get it, here are the details:


I’ve arranged a good meeting point for a pre trip meeting which is fairly central for the majority of folk. Trying to organise a meeting point is fraught with difficulties as it won’t be good for everyone I realise one or two of you may not be able to make it so if you cannot make this one, I will have another meeting early in 2012. Here are the details for this meeting:

Date: Thursday 29th December 2011

Venue: Adventure Bike Warehouse,
Unit 5, Agecroft Enterprise Park
Shearer Way
M27 8WA

Time: 2.00 pm

I thought that this may be a good time as that dead time between Christmas and New year can be a nightmare and it’s a good excuse to get out.

We will discuss all the details of the trip, what you can expect, shipping dates etc and more importantly meet each other before the start of the trip so at least you’ll know who you are riding with!! I’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have. Also, Jono at ABW can advise you on correct bike preparation and maybe it’s a good opportunity to spend some of your Christmas money on some goodies.

For those of you I have sent this too who are undecided as whether you can go or not, it may be a good opportunity to attend and see what this fantastic trip is all about.

There is a Premier Lodge hotel just round the corner so you can stay over, have a beer and something to eat if you want to but you will have to let me know in good time.

Please let me know if you are able to attend this meeting.

As I said above, if you are thinking of coming, you will be more than welcome to join us and see what this fantastic adventure is all about:thumb
Chris, Is the Premier Inn here - East Lancs Road, Swinton, Manchester M27 0AA? And are you doing a block booking or do interested individuals sort themselves out?
The hotel up the road is called the Henry Boddington which is the Premier Inn, Swinton.

Despite pleading with the manager, the best rate per room is £62 but they are twin rooms so sharing is the way forward:augie Might as well get used to it at that's what we will be doing for a month next year:D

I have book one already so happy to share with whoever:thumb
Interestingly the one in East Lancs Road is £47 for the night - though it has no restaurant.
Having said that breakfast isn't included in the price any-case.
I've booked for twin rooms at the Henry Boddington so that's 8 beds. Please confirm if you are staying over:thumb
Sent you messages to say that I can now make it. Should I make an independent booking?
I'll pop there and back on the day please, see you then.....:beerjug: (I have another engagement on the 29th that I have to make)....:D
I will take one of the bunks Chris (that will be in the no snoring section:augie)
See you all there :beerjug:
5 rooms booked and confirmed with 10 bed spaces but can't guarentee no snoring:augie Rooms are all in my name but need to be paid for on check in.

Here are the list confirmed as staying overnight:

Sgt Bilco
Ken Mcleod
Bob Mann

Let me know if I've missed anyone:augie

Looking forward to meeting everyone and going through the trip details.:thumb

if anyone is looking to do one of my Alaska trips in the future, you would be more tham welcome to come along:thumb
Can I come along? I'd like to learn something, and get out for a bit.

Is there food or shall I bring something?

Hope to make the meet.

Have to work v.early doors and then get to ABW for pm.
No room needed, will travel back after.

Coffee would be good !
The hotel up the road is called the Henry Boddington which is the Premier Inn, Swinton.

...Thats my old Stomping Ground...The Henry Bods used to have some of the best beer around...and the other hotel / Bar on the east Lancs used to be called the Canal or Narrow boat as I recall...Thats where I bought my Very first beer in a Pub !...Very underage at the time :eek:

...Such a small world. If I was there I would have joined you all...

Other Bars.

Bulls Head in Swinton Central - a Bit rough...

White Horse on the A572 ( Cross over the East Lancs towards Worsley - by the garden center at Broadoak - Good chance my Brother will be in there!)

John Gilbert in Worsley by the JN13 M62 - Should be packed around this time of year - Kinda Posh- usually lots of totty.

Bridgewater Hotel - OK nowadays.

Have fun....
Tools for the trip.

If memory serves me correctly Chris suggested we would be wise to carry certain gear for emergency repairs but unwise to duplicate bulky items i.e. all carry an electrical air compressor or a spare battery.
Would it be wise then, before the bikes are shipped over at the end of April (for the first group), to post up the tool kits/spares we are planning to carry. It maybe that people subsequently rationalise their kit - though of course inform everybody they are doing so.
Maybe too complicated a process to carry out though maybe useful?

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