Pyrenees, west to east: suggestions welcom


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Aug 20, 2007
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Devon, England, UK
Hi Everyone

I'm visiting a friend of mine in Prats de Mollo in late August, dropping in on another friend in Vanzay, here:

on the way down.

So I thought it would be possible to climb into the mountains from Pau and then travel east.

So ... those of you who know the Pyrenees well, do you have any recommendations for roads/routes and places to stay ... I reckon on taking two to three days from Pau to Prats de Mollo ...

Suggestions most welcome.


I have have just got back from a run down to Andalucia with my brother and we spent several days in the Pyrenees running west to east, so I'm happy to share some of what we found.

We crossed from Tarbes and over at Col du Portalet (A136) - the roads down on the Spanish side were great (down though El Formigal and the ski resorts)

Not sure what your budget is on accom but we stayed at Hostel Ordesa in Ainsa -biker friendly (there were several GS's there when we stopped) good food and very reasonable :thumb2

Agree with John that the N260 right across is a fantastic route - we went right across to the Cadi tunnel and made our way across to the coast at Saint Feliu - next morning woke-up to ride through Tossa de Mar and on to Lloret de Mar - that coast road (GI682) is a brilliant road if you have time :thumb

Also worth mentioning is the Bielsa gorge and tunnel which was our crossing back into France. The valley was beautiful (even in the rain :mad:)

Enjoy! (I wanna be back there now!:tears)

Just got back from a week doing length of France and Northern Spain.We stayed in Oleron ste Marie,just outside Pau,then did the Col Ste Pierre de Martin,absolutely brilliant,made for a GS.We then headed to Pamplona,Lograno,Burgos,Llanes then Santander and home.There are some fantastic roads on the Sierra de Demandas West of Santander
Thanks everyone ... I will be staying in Tarbes before my transit of the mountains ... I don't have loads of time for this trip as I need to be in Paris by the evening of the 22nd ... so it looks as if the N260 to Ripoll then C-roads to Prats-de-Mollo.

Thanks again.


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