R1150gs fuel pump part number/reference

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Dec 1, 2003
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I need a fuel pump - for a 2002 R1150gs
Just get the Bosch 0580 314 068 I thought. But it requires the ring connectors be replaced by spade connectors.
Does anyone know of a brand and part number for an equivalent pump with post terminals as on the original.

The name of a supplier in Ireland would be welcome too in case a local motor factor can't oblige.

Thanks Ian. Lots of options online, in distant lands.
I was hoping to discover an reference for an equivalent pump a motor factor would recognise and deliver promptly. The OEM part number hasn't really helped and the Bosch number produces spade connectors.
Resigned to not having it on the road for the weekend. But mustn't grumble, I'm not without a moto to ride.
Back in the day, The Audi 80 / 100 / 200 / A6 fuel pump was considered a suitable replacement.
www.fuelperformance.co.uk sell decent after market pumps, with a lifetime guarantee.
Yep, Quantum, that's the kit I fitted to my 2001 GS about 5 years ago. Great kit and quieter than the standard pump.

Thanks all.

I was considering Fuelperformance despite my previous experience some years ago. Pump failed without warning within two years. I should really have tested their guarantee at the time.

I remembered the Audi 80 option but searching online didn't lead to an item I could be sure would fit or it also had spade connectors. (It seems a Peugeot 205 pump might also be an option.)

The end-result is - a used, low mileage OEM pump from the very obliging mikeyboy of this parish.

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