R1200GS rebuild


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Mar 27, 2017
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The reason I put this in here is to enlighten those considering a GS of the pitfalls. I am currently rebuilding a 2004 GS but with 2007 electrics and ABS2, so a hybrid really, this bike would have been finished months ago had it not been for the corrosion on both donor bikes, BMW should be ashamed of themselves, marketed as a go anywhere, adventure tool, which it does admirably, but to take out shares in acf etc somewhat takes the enjoyment out of it, and the corrosion isn’t just on the surface it is truly shocking, this one however should be sorted when I’ve finished with it but would I buy another and would I pay 16 grand for a new one? Absolutely not I’m afraid my BMW ownership started and finished with this machine, which is going to my house in Tenerife so hopefully it won’t dissolve
Many thanks for reading this

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