R1200r lc pannier options


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Apr 5, 2011
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I’m looking at some pannier options for an r1200r lc, if anyone has anything for sale I’d be interested. My question is, are there any non Bmw options that fit to the Bmw factory racks? I’ve got the exclusive so have the racks fitted so loathed to buy a new set if there is an option to fit something to the existing set up.
Thanks in advance
I'm sure there's no aftermarket cases that fit the standard mounts, however givi make frames to fit their V35 panniers that I'd suggest suit the bike better than the BMW ones.

SW Motech make frames to take the older (cheaper second hand) E360 Monokey ones but they're not so pretty. I think wessie has those.

I’ve heard that you can fit the k1300 panniers onto the r/rs and there is an rs for sale on flea bay with k1300 panniers, is this easily done or a nause?
I have a Givi top box adapter plate available which fits on the original R/RS carrier. It replaces the original top box plate and is very neat and much nicer than the Givi one. It was made by a guy from Sweden who was selling them on the RS forum for 130 Euros.

It’s only been on the bike a couple of weeks and only fitted with the top box for a few miles, so it’s as new.

Cheers Steve. Appreciate the offer. Luckily managed to get the rear rack sorted so just need side panniers. Cheers
Any further updates on this thread? I have 3 P rails already, but don't quite fancy the wider 36L panniers. The 23 panniers by shad don't fit (grab rail stops opening). Anyone on soft panniers? Alu boxes?

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