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Dec 20, 2002
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Dusan said:
Hi Andy, we never did talk about publizity? I'm still here offering any help that's needed, also I bought an auctioned (for BCC) BMW bar roll for £23 off Mike P, and would l would like to know best way to donate the dosh so it go'es in the pink way round pot of raised cash, someone mentioned gift aid, but I'm not sure how to do it so it go'es into the pot of cash raised by our intrepid pink lady's, any help on 'how to' appreciated, kindest regards Dusan :thumb

Hi Dusan,

Paul BHT has set up a Just Giving page specifically for this - have a look here:

Not forgotten about publicity stuff - local and national press releases coming together for distribution, will keep one and all updated.




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Dec 2, 2003
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North Essex, England n frequntly up the creek with
Cheers Andy

Ta mate, will look later, how are you/we doing re promo, sponsership, etc, v/busy at the mo, but will make time, might ride the route myself n see what/who we pass that might contribute to the fund, sum bumf to show potential sponsers might help, the day will come round so fast, we'll wonder where the time went, talk later, cheers Dusan :thumb

Deleted account W

I've just been looking at where you're starting as us bods on the Region 12 bimble will have to end there to complete the loop.

I've found the McDonalds and added it as the end of our route.

Just a thought though...

Wouldn't pictures of the start/finish point be better taken somewhere a little more scenic that under the "Golden Arches"? :D

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