Replacement seat, Wunderlich, Touratech or comfort cover.


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Feb 23, 2016
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George South Africa
Just changed from my 1200-1250Gsa, and numb bum again ( i did gel / fabric) Luimoto mod to my old seat which was an improvement. Trying to decide between Wundelich, Touratech, or a decent comfort re-cover from the like of Tappezzeria. Dont like the look of the Sergent or daylong "big ass" type seats.
i ride in South Africa, so fair bit of dirt roads and hot weather. Doubt i will need the heated seat function, (about 3 days a year) but it came with the bike, and ashtray would have been as much use.
Try a Chinese knock off cool cover , cheap as chips and make a surprising difference to comfort , ideal for hot climates too (y)
Fitted the cool cover, does help with the heat, but still stock seat uncomfortable. also have the airhawk for really long trips.
I have a Wunderlich Active Comfort, a significant improvement so that's my tuppenceworth...
Standard seats, with an Alaskan Butt pad. Mine was originally bought and fitted to my 1150GS, However, I trimmed it up to fit my Later bikes. Swear by it. Wouldn't be without it, Especially in Hot weather. Worth its weight in gold. Most will point out "They get wet"..... Unclip using the quick release buckles, One violent shake and its bone dry again.

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