Sena SRL Mesh and a non-TFT BMW R1250RT


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Jul 10, 2003
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I'd be grateful to have the collective's advice here so thanks in advance. :beerjug:

Over the coming months I will be returning to RT ownership - long story, don't ask. With wired-in Autocom systems that I used to know reasonably well now no longer available its time to make the transition to Bluetooth comms. Lamb to the slaughter springs to mind.

Trying to keep up with what's generally recommended on these hallowed pages I now have a Shoei Neotec 2 helmet fitted with the Sena SRL Mesh headset and intended for use with a non-TFT BMW R1250RTLE with the OEM radio and a Navigator 6 (yes I know but its a brand-new 2023 MLAR version with a two year warranty).

So far, so good.

As you might expect, I'm bemused by the Bluetooth pairing sequences that are needed. The central question is should I pair my android smartphone (S22 Ultra, birthday present :D) to the Mesh headset and/or to the Nav VI? I gather from the forums that there are possible resource clashes if both pairings are made and the current consensus is to pair the phone to the GPS rather than the headset.

Over to you :)
Phone to Nav and Nav to SRL.

You will need to make sure you get your phone to 'forget' your SRL if you've previously had it connected as it will connect to the headset quicker than connection to the Nav6.

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As above, phone to Nav and srl to nav. Nav acts as the wireless source for the SRL which acts as receiver and phone as one source for the Nav as receiver/transmitter. You may have problems doing it the other way around. Nothing wrong with the Nav VI by the way. Read about some with issues but mine (cross fingers) has been faultless so far.

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