Shoei tight fit

miles away

just fitted autocom into my helmet (Shoei X-Spirit) and the speakers are too tight. tried compressing the foam around the ears, but it's still too tight. thinking bout using earphones and an autocom adapter, but i cant justify spending upwards of 100 quid on custom in ear monitirs from green leopard or ultimate.
does anybody use these in ear "bud" type earphones, and if so can you recommend a decent pair with a low profile.

i'll get there in the end. i hope.............. bike gets into the UK this tuesday. how exciting!
just had another look at the autocom setup in my helmet... if I buy the autocom adapter for using 3.55 jack, what do I do with my autocom speakers? just cut them off at the junction with the thick 7 core cable?
I bought some ultimate earplugs to use with my autocom and the autocom dealer just cut the earphone bits off. He said use either iinsulating tape or some of that shrink cabling stuff and tuck the ends back into your helmet somewhere.

Worked for me.

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