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Mar 10, 2008
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My GS recently acquired a new free cruise control feature.

I have a noob question, or two.

I thought it was the cables, but had a quick look and the culprit is gunk/rust in the bar end weight that inteferes with the throttle.
I gave it a clean, but still creates problems when screwed back on.

Idea 1
I have teflon washers, but not that large, might look for one... if only I measured it.

Idea 2
I was thinking about using a wire brush to clean the rust/corrosion away and possibly give it a coat of paint/protection, but I'm worried of actually worsening the problem (more rust) this way?

Idea 3 . Make them out of stainless steel , fit and forget, you can increase the length / weight a little as a bonus.

Bar end weight.png
I had a similar issue using the heated grips on my Hexhead, the hot grips would expand and jam. I just unbolted the bar end and added a large copper washer as a spacer, problem solved.
Yeah, I think that's the best. I'll find a washer big enough. Should do the trick.
I have copper washer selection from Halfords if you need any. Give me the sizes required and I’ll have a look for you. :thumb
it would be best to check the other end is in the correct place and still tight
It is.
And even this one was properly (clearly :) ) tight.

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