T7 Tenere - very capable.

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Jul 1, 2004
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Surrey, England
I know that in group tests of middle-weight adv bikes, testers often conclude that if you're measuring a bike on its off road ability you'd want the KTM or the Yamaha.

Yesterday was the first time I saw a T7 really used in anger off road. It was the 100 years of motocross event in Camberley / Bagshot and the terrain was tight single tracks, twisting through pine forest with lots of short sharp climbs and descents.

There were 3 T7s, they all looked quite well prepped so I am not sure how they would compare with a standard bike, but even amongst a field of much lighter bikes, they did incredibly well. They seemed to manage the bumps, tight turns and steep climbs with absolute ease. You could see that their riders were having quite an easy time, not having to fight the bikes at all.

For bikes sold primarily for road use, these were very impressive indeed.

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