"The Tough One", anyone else going?

I want to go but have something else on near the same venue:blast:blast If I can get away, I'll be there and hope it's not finished.
Clubman race in the morning, Speed Trials event 11.15, main event 1.00 pm.
I'll probably get there around noon, if you get chance.
Yep I will be going,,, Mind you the £20 per car is a bit steep

Another excellent day out!
Got there just as the "Speed Trial" was finishing. Last years winner and pre-race favourite Mike Brown was leading until he ran out of petrol on the last lap. Bet he was gutted.
The main event started with the riders having to run about 100 yards up a steep hill to their bikes. Braybrook (GasGas), Knight (BMW) and Lampkin (Beta) got the best start and put time on the chasing pack, Sagar (Husaberg) and Edmonson (Suzuki) being the lead of that group. Knight moved into the lead very quickly on lap one, but as he came to the end of the lap he was shaking his head at his mechanic and pulled out of the course and rode up to the pits, mechanic running behind. Blasusiak had got off to a slow start, apparently nearly getting mown down in the run to his bike, but was scorching through the field. Within a couple of laps he was in the lead, with Sagar second, Braybrook third and Lampkin in fourth. Edmonson pulled out with a back injury, not helped by someone planting their front wheel in it right before where I was stood. Knight didn't reappear, and later was heard talking to Jack Burnicle over the PA. He had knocked the hydraulic clutch elbow out of the casing on a rock and was unable to fix it.
The positions remained the same, with Sagar getting to within 30 seconds of Blasusiak just before the half way stage when they both went in to refuel, but by the end he was a couple of minutes down. Blasusiak lapped Lampkin in fourth, and I'm not sure wether he did the same to Braybrook. Ed Jones was in fifth, not sure of the sixth.
Lampkin looked far more at home out there than I expected, and said over the PA that he intends to do more of this type of event.
All the top 4 had top level trials experience, which showed in the way they rode some of the obstacles. How they managed to get round some parts of the course, and make it look easy, is beyond me. Forgot my camera though, so no pictures.
I'll supply some photos then

Lots of steam on this hill

David Knight before he called the AA

Carnage on this hill just before it was taken out of the race:rolleyes:

The tyre jump










When Elite riders look that knackered at the end of a ride you know it has been a Tough One:blast

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