Tyres in Istanbul


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Jul 5, 2010
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Devon, UK
Hi folks,

I’m in Georgia and my back tyre is getting close. Not urgent yet, I can probably get back to Istanbul on it.
Does anyone have tyre shop or big bike shop info for Istanbul? I’ll probably be there in a couple of weeks.

The bike is a 1200 GSA and I’ll be mainly on road but have already hit muddy mountain passes on this trip. I’m on Annekins but something similar or with a bit more bite would work.

Many thanks.
From AdvrRider (but in 2019)
The owner of this tyre shop used to be a member here and organised my tyre of choice with a couple of days notice (he also said he could have tyres shipped to virtually any fitter in Turkey - sorry about that spelling!) it is in Bandirma so if you are headed from Istanbul to Kanakkale for the ferry it's about halfway

Here you go …

Will pm a photo from Streetview showing address etc

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