V85TT Mistral Exhaust - anyone fitted one?


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Nov 16, 2007
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Angus, Scotland
I've never really considered this mod. I'm happy with the bike as it is in stock condition, I like the stock can as well, and it sounds OK

I just watched this YouTube video and was surprised by a few things..... they had to cut the headers to get them off, the amount of restriction in the headers which you can see from cutting them.... is surely pretty bad for exhaust flow

The weight of the stock exhaust against the Mistral system.

The claimed performance gains after fitting and re-map

Has anyone fitted Mistral de-cat system and re-mapped (UpMap)?

I’ve got the Mistral headers and they work really well, and are a truck load lighter than the originals.

The later 22 onwards bikes have the headers and down pipes welded together, which makes it a little more awkward to remove, but not difficult.

I’m happy with the stock can, the headers and Y piece do enough to release a little extra volume and no problems mating it up to the Mistral.

It’s expensive I guess, but it really works well with the V85, I’m not going to use words like transform, but there are very noticeable improvements, one of which is things run a lot cooler now to.

These are the headers / collector / cat on the later bikes. They are double skinned headers and headers are welded to the collector.


And here’s the Mistral headers fitted




I forgot to add, I’ve got an UpMap waiting for me at home, I’m on holiday at the moment but back Monday so can report back on the UpMap then.
Cheers Fluff, good info there, look forward to hearing how you get on with UpMap
Had a quote from Gutsibits..... £648

Think Arrow also do kits , downpipes & Y piece
I don't know whether this has any bearing on the discussion, but the can on my 1200 Sport is a Mistral. It seems well made, has no signs of corrosion and provides a lovely exhaust tone (and overrun crackle) without being too noisy. Overall, seems like a quality manufacturer.
The build quality and the fit of the headers is exemplary IMhO, everything just went into place and the fit and finish was perfect. I also like the stock can, and it sounds good on the stock can with the headers fitted. The stock can just slipped straight on like the headers were OEM.

I’m only just back off holiday and a bit jet lagged, so will post back about the UpMap tomorrow as I’ve just opened that up , and trying to resist the temptation to head to the garage.

When I was looking originally, the Arrow headers were for the Euro IV V85’s not Euro V, but that will probably have changed by now.

Well, did the UpMap this evening, bike is on Mistral Headers as you know, Stock can, K&N panel filter and unused the Zard full system with DB killer fitted map, which seemed the best fit for me with the stock can fitted.

Got to say, it’s now pretty fruity, noticeably more low and mid range punch, fuels perfectly at low / part throttle and had a little extra kick towards the upper range to.

Will get a decent ride out tomorrow night, and this weekend will check and see if it’s had any detrimental effect on the V85’s frugal MPG.

This is the map I loaded

It does disable the Lambda closed loop, but removes any error codes, no warning lights and am DTC free according to the UpMap in diagnostic mode.

Sounds good Fluff

I've heard of some issues occurring after upmap mods, at around 3,000 revs, jerkyness, etc. Any signs for you? Did you modify the airbox intake at all?
Sounds good Fluff

I've heard of some issues occurring after upmap mods, at around 3,000 revs, jerkyness, etc. Any signs for you? Did you modify the airbox intake at all?

I will post back tonight after a run out to meet another member of this parish :) I only did a quick check around the block yesterday and all seemed well, so lets see and I'll report back.
Good stuff.

Be interesting to see how she is.

Mine has the EML on at moment.

Cat removed so will see what fault codes come up.

Talking of which, 12000 mile service at main dealer, "oh sorry mate we havnt got a code reader so no updates done and cant tell whats up, thats 291 quid please" !!!!

Going in again on monday to their sister place to get looked at, dealer back up seems to be shite ??
lambda's turned off = no f/codes
remove cat = no f/code

trust me

Going in monday so shall see.

Running fine, esp after valve adjustment on service.

Ive bought a code reader / resetter too for the future (y)
I can now :)

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Got me a machine coming.

I think it can

I’ll update over weekend

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