Who's joining in????

what you doin band wise:eek: just a thought, Suree's cookin, i'm runnin the bar so you can do the entertaining:cool:

Just spoken to a few of the guys and it looks like we may be ok for Saturday night for a small fee and some free beer and food :thumb
Going to do my very best, is there a mains hookup in the camping area at all? I might need to bring my winter camping rig


i would like to attend if thats ok.if i can do the dragon rally in feb then shropshire in jan is no differant.camping is good for me.:beer:
i would like to attend if thats ok.if i can do the dragon rally in feb then shropshire in jan is no differant.camping is good for me.:beer:

there's sure to be plenty of space for you....:thumb ......a winter event is bound to have a 50% attrition rate of those who first said they would come.....old people.....:blast
So what sort of jams will you be kicking out?

A load o shite :thumb

Mix of old and new, www.nvband.co.uk if ya want to have a prequel.

Don't slag it though fella, it's free!!! There is a saying that you get nowt for free, I think this is proof :D:D:D

It's still on Shep.

Si's going to alot of trouble to make sure this will be the best gastro gser do on the calender so I would urge anyone who is coming to confirm again and not let him down as this is gonna cost him money to organise and unless the right number of people turn up there is no point in having the band and investing the time and money into setting this thing up.
The food will be feckin amazing, the band will be worth turning up to heckle and the beer will be cold. I might run a bike workshop on Saturdey to show you all how to take a bike apart, won't be able to show you how to put it back together again though :D:D:D:D

There's the ironbridge museum which is worth a wander around and of course the very first iron bridge in the world, just up the road.
Well I'll be happy to reconfirm myself. It'd be useful to know whether I'm camping or sleeping in the shed, though... I'll need to go & buy a tent if I'm camping ;)
Gonna be a quiet do then?
Not many reconfirming their attendance.

I can't believe it :blast

I can only assume that people are busy with xmas at the mo. It may be feckin cold, but Si is offering a great package here and has so far commited to the band playing and putting on some feckin brilliant grub, free digs etc etc.

Can't see what else the poor fecker can do.

Hopefully we'll get a few more confirmed in the new year.

Thanks for the link BHT, tht may get a few more in.
We're still up for it :thumb2
Wobblybox and trailer, cos I'll wangle picking a bike up as well :)

As long as I get the OK from the Consultant to drive. I've been good [so far] no driving till 2nd Jan for me:tears:tears:tears:tears at the earliest :mad:
Me and JustStan are still in.

Syco, you still need a hand?
If I can I will, work you know. It would be great to meet more fellow tossers.


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