www.hograost.com 6-7-8th July

Can we do a team sport? BMW riders Tug of War against other makes? Maximum, a team of 8 names pullers to a team, team leader responsible, rules given out on day.
If you can arrange a big enough rope, there will be enough people there with big enough gobs to scare up some teams to play :thumb
Hmmmm I think the idea is max participation:nenau obviously BMW would have the win pending on tyre choice and rider experience :beer:

I've never looked at torque/weight between a 990 adv and a GS....it would be a lot of fun though :D

Ooooo I can smell the burning clutches from here :D
are there two video pages yet? cos I have to come back to sort the first bit out.... this is very cript tick.....:blast
Great video - you can't tell who's the gateways members and UKGSers :thumb2
Broken my ankle badly enough to have a bunch of pins hammered into the joint :barf, so I'm off work and wheels for at least 6-8 weeks.

Will have to cancel this year :(
Steve can I pay on the gate please, I dont know if I can make one or two nights at the mo but aiming to come down all the same :thumb2
Hi Steve
Hoping to get across to the meet early Sat morning and grab a brekkie at the Rugby club. See you then .Will pay up on the gate or when seen if that's ok.
Cheers. John
ONE THING Please funny fags after 10pm please :thumb

Oh god I suppose so :blast

Well who else will serve you tea in the morning.....:comfort

May well avoid the :jager this year, and focus on the :ChrisKelly:Motomartin:beer:, until it's time for the :friday, and help to clean up those who :barf :barf:barf

Roll on....:hogroast:warrenrally:ymca2:wave:warrenrally

Best one was our Mutters putting his tent up at EM a few years ago after some Unscrupulous Barbarian passed him a funny fag... I've never seen such a HEUUUUge crowd watching a man having such difficulty with an erection since.... oh erm...never mind....

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