Yet another Navigator VI relaunch

Just got my replacement back today and noticed when connected to Express it’s now referred to as Navigator V1 - 1 rather than just Navigator V1.
It’s got the same serial number so assuming it’s the one I returned, which was also a replacement.
It knew my location on initial start, before acquiring satellites but wasn’t recognised by Express, saying a new device had been detected and it needed the maps/software updating.
Do I have faith in it? I’m not that daft.
EDIT to my above post, it’s not the same serial number, it’s a new unit, I’d been looking at the wrong number.
Just contacted Garmin support re my V1 which was a replacement due to the dreaded ghosting, they have sent a ups label and are exchanging FOC including postage. They also refer to the new model and placing me on their list.
just contacted Garmin my self as my 8 month replacement nav 6 started ghosting again
have been added to list also for revised model
if it ever arrives 🤪🤪
Spoke to Garmin this morning and I have also been put on the list for the new 'upgraded unit'.

According to the operative the 'upgraded unit' should be available in the next few weeks

I wonder what will happen to those bods who apparently paid Garmin for exchange units?

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